Writing Papers is No Longer Difficult

In order to eliminate the possibility of plagiarism from a paper that I needed to turn in for a big grade, I used a website that has a rewording tool that has the ability to take the text from a document and generate new text that has different words, but carries the same meaning and context as the original text. I learned about the tool from a friend, and when I first heard about it, it sounded interesting, but I was curious as to how a tool would be able to successfully analyze a block of text and turn it into new text that was not only coherent, but similar in meaning to the original.

I tested out the tool with a paragraph that I had written to see if it actually lived up to the hype. The text that the tool put out was completely different, but still similar in meaning. I ran it a few more times, and each time a completely different set of text was produced. There must have been a lot of sophisticated programming involved to make it possible for the tool to not only change words into ones with similar meanings, but to put them together in a way that actually makes sense from a grammatical standpoint.

Using information from various sources, I created a paper to run through the rewording tool and created my paper. The paper was 10 pages long, and the only real work that I had to do for it was to create a bibliography for all of my sources. By far this is the easiest paper that I’ve ever written, because it didn’t take long to complete, and I didn’t have to spend all of my time typing it. The paper was a hit with my professor, who gave me a high grade.