The Importance of Continuing Learning

My wife and I have been interested in getting into sales. Maybe starting our own business or just selling something for a company. All we know is that we want to do something in sales, but through the research we were did we learned so much information that we didn’t know what to do first! There were so many things t consider and keep in mind that it seemed dauting so you know what we did? We went online and started searching. We eventually came onto this word called verkooptraining. Through some further investigation, I discovered it was a dutch word that meant sale.

The information we found in particular was in dutch, but google translate quickly took care of that. A quick look at the information told us a bunch of skills such as commercial skills and virtual sales skills which we didn’t even know existed! We used a site in particular that provided mini lessons in sales and I have to say it was very useful. Neither of us speak dutch, but this was easily taken care of, as I said before, by using google translate to translate all the words into English for the two of us.

My point in telling you this is to tell you that you should seek out what ever info you can. Don’t let not being able to not speak the language stop you. Google translate is not always a hundred percent accurate, but as I said, don’t let that stop you. You will be able to understand enough of what is translated in order to get the gist of it. Try to always learn as much as you can– no matter what the barriers. I certainly don’t regret taking the time to translate the words into english because in the long run it helped me.